Secrets of Wealth Attraction #2: Lessons from Neville Goddard’s Multimillionaire Father, Joseph Goddard

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We live in a world of imagination, a world of real fantasy. I have not found anything more fantastic than the world we live in, not in books of fairytales, not in fictions, not in sci-fi movies. In those ones, someone uses something external to themselves to change their circumstances. In this world that you and I are, we change our circumstances by mastery of ourselves, by controlling our moods. We raise our fortunes by our imaginations alone.

No magic wands, just Imagination.
No portions, just Imagination.
No spell books, just Imagination.
No pixie dusts, just Imagination.
No quantum/nano technology, just Imagination.
No last minute changes, just Imagination.
No eleventh hour superhero, just Imagination.

And your imagination is you yourself, for where you are in Imagination is your experience and perspective. Then Imagination must be your real self.

So, when I say that the Millionaire Manifesto is simply the set of rules of life that the Imagination learns and masters to move by, and to be a Millionaire, I speak to you of a set of facts that is more real than all fantasies put together. In fact, people who don’t believe or understand this, ‘the exact and literal-minded who live in a fictitious world,’ hoping that life will use the external to change their lives, which only an internal transformation and discipline can cause.

I want to show you an example, an extravagant example in Neville’s father: Joseph Goddard.

He, like many men, was living on borrowed money. He had ten children, was operating a butcher’s shop and had little. But by practise, he learned to use his imagination to build a multimillionaire business which, when he died, he could share its stocks for a wealth bequeathed to his children to set them up for the rest of their lives.

How did he do it?

Here’s Neville’s narration of his father’s confession of his secret of riches. You will find this in the lecture, Order Your Conversations Aright.

“But now let me share with you a story I know well, the story of my father. He was born a very poor white man in the Island of Barbados. My mother was born poor. She had nothing; he had nothing. And they proceeded to have children. Twelve children were born; two died at birth. Ten survived. He had nothing. How he got hold of this, I do not know, but the first time he heard me speak in New York City was a Sunday morning, and when we went back to the apartment, he said, “You know, everything you said this morning is true. But why do you tell the people to close their eyes? Don’t close your eyes. Keep them partly shut. You can control your imagination and you can control your attention better if the eyes are not completely closed. When you see me in the morning after breakfast reclining in my chair, you might think that I am just sleeping it off – because he’s a heavy drinker. “You might think I’m simply sleeping it off. I am not sleeping off anything. I am doing my day’s work then! I bring before my mind’s eye the men that I want to deal with that day, and I control the conversation. I tell them exactly what I want to tell them, as though it were true. I let them tell me – confirm that it is true, and then when I am completely satisfied with my inner conversation, then I go to town. And it works that way.” Now, he started behind the 8-ball. He had himself, my mother, my grandmother, and the ten of us to feed, plus a few servants. It was not easy. But when he died in 1959, he could leave his ten children – because my mother preceded him by many years, and he never remarried. She died in ’41, and he said, “No, I’ve been so blissfully happy with your Mother, I could not ever get married again,” so he remained single until he died at the age of 85. But when he died, that poor man could leave a family of ten independently wealthy – each, not just collectively. He gave it to each individually as a block of stock in the company, just to the ten of us.” (Neville Goddard, Order Your Conversations Aright)

Notice that this is an exemplar of cases of wealth attraction. What are the core lessons of this phenomenal wealth attraction?

#1: He Makes up His Mind

In our class, that is one of the core lessons we are going to deepen our understanding of and even practise. Joseph Goddard makes up his mind. He doesn’t wait for the economy to look like it, for people to first promise him or for an opportunity to come up. He makes his own opportunities by making up his mind that he wants this deal, that business, or such prosperous outcome.

#2: He relaxes.

Not that you have to be a drinker like old Joe, but find a way to be relaxed. Meditation centred on counting or noticing your thoughts calmly can help. Neville’s method for relaxation is to simply feel and act sleepy. Joseph is relaxed to assume all the successes are already true.

#3: He performs excellent inner conversations of the outcomes already done.

He doesn’t think of what he has to do to make a goal come true. Sadly, this is a focus of many money and wealth attraction programs. Well, those programs not being our primary focus, get this clear! In imagination, you must always centre yourself in the conversations and attitude of the wish fulfilled. Joseph thinks things like this: “Mr Goddard, we are happy that you accepted our proposal of 25% revenue split with you for using your company’s brand to promote our business,” says a new associate. Or things like, “Sir, our monthly sales just went 23% up, our net profits up by twice as much as last month because our cost reduced,” says the accountant. Joseph says he does his day’s work right there and then.

Besides my personal experience which you might think is biased, I have related with a few multimillionaires who confess to the absurdity of their total sum of work. One in particular told me after I related my experience of little to no efforts, he said: “I think you are right. See, I go to the office in the morning only because I want to show up for my team of managers. But I don’t do anything other than to appear. I can as well sit at home doing nothing, and I do that often.” The rest of the world might think it unfair. But that’s exactly why we call it: “Wealth Attraction”, isn’t it?

Every story of incredible success with wealth that Neville has ever shared all boil down to a great control of the inner talking, an attitude towards self of being all wealthy and successful. See these readings and confirm for yourself.

– Control Your Inner Conversations, case history of Victor Goddard
– Chapter 5 of Seedtime and Harvest, case history of a multimillionaire.
– Sound Investments, case history of Jimmie Fuller
– Power, case history of an added $75 million net profits in three months

#4: He makes a habit of controlling his inner speech and doing his business this way.

Robert Meade emphasises until tomorrow the importance of an imagination routine. Neville called it, ‘the faithful systematic cultivation of the feeling of the wish fulfilled’. And he talked about it quite often in The Power of Awareness amongst other books and lectures. He even assured that this is the means by which a desire can and will fulfil ITSELF. Joseph Goddard simply demonstrated that.

Every morning, after breakfast, he is imagining. He is imagining millions, imagining success, imagining an empire. But he does it every single day, the same moment of the day.

Would that you set an appointment with yourself to imagine better than the best for your financial life?

In the upcoming workshop, we shall explore these lessons and how multimillionaires use them to form states that breed wealth attraction the effortless way, the only way true wealth ever comes. Seeing you there pleasurably.

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