About Me

How I went from a confused person who always thought that God was external to himself and didn’t know how to create his life and mold his destiny to an independent, self-reliant man who is able to lead his life the way he wants without any conditions nor restrictions.

My Story

By controlling my inner speech, I can control my entire life every time...

I am Adelere Adesina. I was born in Nigeria in 1997. I was raised by my parents from whom I learned the Bible and Bible stories. When I was growing up, my parents taught me to believe in an Almighty God who lives in heaven and has the power to do all things.

He could change the future and the destiny of any man on Earth.

I believed these stories, read them myself but I did not understand lots of the stories. I did not know how to reach this almighty God and make him change my own destiny until I met Neville.

This is how I came across Neville…



Adelere Adesina

Imagination Coach

Adelere is the world's elegant and true imagination coach. He has incredible success from using his imagination to change his life. He is committed to you understanding and appreciating your imagination to the point of practice and results. The grooming of your imagination is offered by him.

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My Process

How I Imagine My Perfection

Step 1
Step 1

This is an all-important engagement for everyone who want to live a truly fulfilled life. You must FIRST start with Self, to change it lovingly. If Neville’s classes with Abdullah started this way, then every wise student of Neville must go through this process inevitably. When I realised this, I suspended all other inner work and focused solely on fundamentals. My result? I grew like I have lived five years of growth in a month very naturally.

Step 2
Step 2

Personally, as soon as I took revision seriously, my repeated results proved Neville’s words to me. I found that there is no objective beyond my ability to realise. From finding a lost nib of my pen to seeing a friend’s friend manifest half a million euros and all the greatness in between, I have found my life purpose by the wise use of my pruning shears of revision. I cannot keep this experience, and I believe you would experience even greater.

Step 3
Mastery of Inner Conversations
Step 3

When I switched to a deliberate and conscious control of my inner speech, in the first few days, things got unexpectedly tougher. I noticed that regardless of my countless affirmations, I did not have an empowering, loving, noble and affluent inner speech. But following my persistent control, the wonders that began to spring in my life are indescribable.

My Commitment

By following my process with your own desires, your results are inevitable.

This is the same promise I make to you. I know who I am. I am not assuring you anything outside of that but I am assuring you that by following the exact steps I have done unnumbered times, you too will create your results.  I can assure you that by following my process with your own desires, your results are inevitable. Your Imagination, your desires and my process makes you live the kind of life you have always wanted to live.


It is my vision that we have a world where everyone is imagining in perfect forms and imagining the loving experiences of life.


It is my joy and mission to see the whole world awakening, understanding and realizing that imagination creates reality.

My Services


One on One Coaching

> Master Your Revisions
> Changing of your Self Concept
> Master your Inner Conversations


Your Imagination, your desires and my process makes you live the kind of life you have always wanted to live.

Group Coaching

> Ongoing Coaching
> Past Coaching
> Future Coaching Agenda

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