Fazila Bizior



My name is Fazila Bizior, the essence which I would not know till later in life. Fazila means Benefit From God. I would learn that what I thought was an ordinary name would result in extraordinary ways for the lives I touch. I am the eldest of five siblings born and raised in a middle-class Muslim household that was part of a larger extended family. My upbringing with strict values and religious traditions, a society that was culturally conservative and prohibitive political laws have fostered within me a spirit to question the status quo.



When I was growing up in the 70’s apartheid was well entrenched. I would be ignorant of what this meant for me until much later in life when I would work on changing the multi-layered indoctrination, cultural norms, gender stereotypes, traditions and rules of law so that I could choose how to live and what I desired.

My inner knowing rebelled against continuing this way of life. When South Africa became a democracy in 1994 I felt a spark ignite within me, a fire inside to create a better life. Being a rebel and thankfully supported by my parents, I made bold and unprecedented choices for a then, young Muslim Indian woman in 1996. Being the first in my family to achieve a degree, I worked at multiple multinationals as I climbed the ladder of corporate success.

What started as a spiritual quest in 2003 led me to a deep spiritual awakening that changed my life in 2012. In 2013 after 2 decades of a tumultuous and stressful corporate life (amongst many things I had experienced burnout, was diagnosed with endometriosis, a miscarriage, saw my marriage fall apart, divorce then reconciliation) I finally severed my ties with the corporate world because I had a desire to pursue my calling – spiritual healing.

It was at this time I understood and acknowledged that the only person to change was myself, this was when I first became aware of the significance of self-mastery through inner work.

Whereas in the past I was devoted to self-study of philosophies, metaphysics, spirituality and healing I dedicated and focused my time to training, self-healing and personal transformation. I had a deep hunger to understand the meaning of life and express the greatness I knew was inside me.

I am a perennial student who never ceases to learn daily and a passionate teacher who empowers all who cross my path – friends, students, family and all of humanity.

I first encountered Neville’s work in 2018. The depth and level to which he was teaching eluded me. I gravitated towards Florence Scovel Shinn and Dr Joseph Murphy. But I sensed and always knew there was something different about the great mystics of that era. Having a curious mind I am always reading, researching and questioning how it all comes together.

I found my way back to Neville Goddard in 2021 at a time when I was at a low in my life – my business was at a low point, I was more miserable within myself than ever before, my relationship with my husband was under strain and I experienced bouts of anxiety which were scaling up to panic attacks.

I was in a Facebook group where someone mentioned Neville’s work which piqued my curiosity as I had previously overlooked his books. I found the Neville Goddard Mystics Teachings group where I began to apply everything that I read. Within 3 months there was a huge shift in my life –  that was 2 years ago! Life now, how I live and create everything in my life is truly wonderful!

When the penny dropped, I realised that I had been aware of and practising some teachings without the awareness of the teachings. Finding Neville’s teachings and mentors, who themselves, have worked with them are great blessings for me.

In 2 years, I shifted my self-identity in a lasting way, rebuilt my healing practice after moving cities, was appointed as an international coach, taught an international masterclass, started an international podcast, claimed and created a happier, healthier marriage, overcame a multitude of health issues and a few other achievements I have yet to speak about.



I love teaching the understanding, appreciation and application of inner transformation work. There is no better testimony than how I have changed my own life.


With the understanding of the power of imagination, the law, application of the teachings as a fundamental framework I have combined my years of experience with spiritual and personal transformation to facilitate self-mastery. I empower and teach my students how to apply and transform their inner reality to effect a change in their outer world. Students are empowered within their own lives and have the skills to continuously evolve.


My vision and intention for students is not just for healing and manifestation but to facilitate and deepen their awareness and transformation. When they apply the methods and processes that I have used successfully to transform my own life they can create life on their terms. Facilitating and teaching this powerful work for self-identity transformation is the starting point on this journey. I create, teach and empower students who can then apply what they learn to continually transform their own lives.



For anyone who hasn’t worked with Neville’s teachings, I thoroughly recommend learning Revision as a prerequisite.

For those desiring and committed to transformation who want to create their reality I offer a 3 – 6 month program called “Life Renaissance.” This program combines processes of revision, the transformation of self-identity and inner speech. We set a solid foundation when the narrative of the past is changed to create a new inner reality and a transformed outer experience.

Only once I embodied these teachings and immersed myself in them, was I able to access the previously hidden power within myself to transform. When I rose above the past experiences of trauma, disease and guilt I experienced a permanent shift in my physical reality and my life. This alone has been life-changing. This is what I pass on to the student.

The benefit of the program is the transformation of one’s inner reality and a lasting shift towards becoming the person who is no longer creating from limitation but living from freedom.



“What do you desire? “