People on this platform master the art of thinking from the end at all times.

• Our students of the law spiritually grasp the power in thinking from the end.

• Our friends on this platform experience the majestic results of thinking from the end.

Whether newly introduced to the law of assumption or a veteran of this law, this platform raises students and friends alike to higher levels in intelligent, psychological and mystical ways to apply and execute the power in thinking from the end, that is the law of assumption.

We Maintain the Highest Spiritual Principle and Discipline of Manifestation.

Whether man likes it or not, he is already here. He has found himself where he is and he has a choice presented to him. He can either make this life that is his the greatest masterpiece to be placed over the crown or misuse it into rubbish to be dumped. In the Royal Inner Circle, the choice is clear.

We are not merely trying to live a good life. We are not even trying to be great. Each royalty in the Royal Inner Circle is committed living absolutely fulfilled. We are living to the Highest, Loftiest and Greatest spiritual principle and discipline of manifestation.

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Here are results people have shared with us by using the power of their Imagination to transform their lives.

Wowwwww, the word QUEEN & REVISION from the teachings of NEVILLE impacted watching & hearing Adelere . Looking forward to to greater and wonderful marvelous moments every second from NOW . Ty for empowering in the most simplest ways.

Shruti Agarwal


Adelere, as imagination coach is exceptional in his teachings. He is extremely genuine, kind and giving as a mentor. I would like to convey my sincere thanks for introducing me to this lala land of metaphysics so easily and effortlessly. He instilled this faith of “Godself” in me with so much grit and conviction that I was bound to see results in every area of my self. He is my precious precious person. And would like to call him a shining rare diamond who sparkles lives of everyone around him. I just have gratitude and so so much love for my dearest teacher.

Shibu Dhar


I was struggling understanding revision and especially how to revise certain events of my life. I saw Adelere has the class Mastery of Revision and immediately I contacted him to start this class. After 2 classes I was able to make a revision and not only that, I told Adelere with an huge enthusiasm that I had an immediate result after one of my revision. If you want to change your life with this wonderful technique, then Adelere is the perfect coach to help and assist you in understanding this process of revision.



Adelere is a great teacher of the Law of Assumption & I learned some wonderful things from him including revision, self-concept, and inner conversation & all the concepts were wonderfully explained by him.

Yogesh Daudkhane


I would recommend coaching because it expounds your knowledge. For example I started studying Neville Goddard a few months before I engaged my coach Adelere. I even got one success using revision. However I did not understand the principles underlying revision and therefore I was never able to replicate my results in other areas. Adelere is a great teacher . He spoke to my core . Reading my bible was Chore…I read because I was required to do so. Today my bible is one of my wonderful reading books. The stories in the bible make sense

Martha Oyiera


Transformation is about taking what you’ve learned and putting it in to practice. Adélèré teaches this so excellent, my life was instantly enhanched and it’s adding up everyday.
excellent, my life was instantly enhanched and it’s adding up everyday.excellent, my life was instantly


The Netherlands

I met Adelere Adesina some time in August 2022. We chatted and I registered for his group monthly coaching. In October I registered for his 1 on 1 coaching and that was the beginning of my transformation. It was a total mind scrub for me, where everything I had believed before now was external (outside of me). He showed me how life was internal that is HOW IMAGINATION CREATES REALITY and as I practice living from within amazing results begin to happen to me. I totally recommend that anyone who truly wants to live their best life partake in Adelere Adesina coaching.

Blessed Agada Mena


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