Adelere Adesina – the Royal Imagination Coach


My name is Adelere Adesina. I was born in Nigeria on March 23rd, 1997 to my parents. My father was a mechanic and and my mother was a dressmaker. I am the first child of the family, and the only son with three siblings. I was born in Ibadan City where I still live.


In 2020, I was faced with the need to provide myself with an answer more than ever. The question: How would I live the fullest life of my dreams? Prior to this year, I had depended on my parents for financial support while the job I had wasn’t reliable for a steady salary of ₦10,000. Since I was an undergraduate completing my studies, my parents did their responsibility towards me. But in February 2020, I was facing my graduation month and that implied for me the need to go from ‘I have potentials, I have a bright future, I am a genius…’ to ‘I have accomplished. I have fulfilled my responsibilities of love. I am a successful and happy man.’ It was more personal than ever.

So, for the first time in my arrogant life, I began to listen to a mentor. Up until that day, I had no mentors and wanted none. Having a fundamental daily study of the Bible from childhood with my dressmaking mother, I regarded the central character of the Bible, Jesus, as my role model and mentor. So, having a human mentor was a huge challenge for me. I worked with a mentor who introduced me to reading books on how people can achieve their dreams.

I read book after book, pursuing my own interests ultimately. I studied books until I found courses and programs online. I took those, some of the most elite ones in the world in 2021. But I got all of them for free, the only thing I had to part with was my time which I did not value dearly at the moment. So I might move forward with one step and be back in confusion and setback with two steps. Until even my parents began to ask me, ‘When are your plans to be successful going to ever come to pass?’ And no one in my closest circle had anything left for me but pity and sympathy, and a word of encouragement that I would be successful eventually. Yes, even my siblings who looked up to me had got to moments when they said, ‘We know you can do it, brother. We keep believing in you.’ But that’s what I decided to quit living as in 2020. A person with potentials. No more of that nonsense– I want actual experience.

I had found the law of assumption in Neville’s teachings right from 2020, but I never put it to serious and dedicated use until August 2021. In August 2021, I decided that ‘enough is enough’, and I would take no further nonsense of hope with myself. It was time for a change, even more so because I had promised my girlfriend at the time to cover her tuition for school for more than a year but never had a dime of that until this August when she had to write exams and must pay.

With the heart and devotion to apply whatever I had learned and stop sitting on the fence, I went to buy a book on secrets to having the mind of a millionaire. I read it. I studied it. I followed each exercise that followed every chapter. It was strange, most of these exercises only involved me sitting down and reflecting, deciding and assuming something was already true about millions in my life. Why did I never do them before? Possibly because I never took money out to buy any book until this one day, where I had promised myself that I would make multiples of my investment back.

In less than twenty-four hours, I made 222 times back from offering a personal service to an entrepreneur. I had bought the book for ₦700, and made ₦156,000 from following the exercises. I was able to pay the tuition I had promised of ₦120,000. But most importantly, I had a marked moment of my life, a moment when my situation changed literally overnight. The day before, I was waiting for the world to get better and give me what I wanted. The day after, I was claiming what I wanted as mine and the world responded by giving me. All the while, I only sat down, read, study and apply on the same spot.

That was what plunged me into the study of the law of assumption with the intention to practice. I knew that the more I practice, the better I become. Besides, I always made an investment. From that time, on my birthdays, I ensured that I paid to have Neville’s books and lectures for myself. Not because the payment creates reality, but because of the symbol to me of an investment which I would make so much multiples of returns from by means of applications.

I began to apply the lessons of Revision daily. Every day, I would sit down and apply it. This was not easy at first, and certainly not fun as I had to remind myself to sit down and do it. But I always looked at what I stood to benefit, the results. Most of my revisions between August 2021 and December 2021 were for other people. I had few personal results, but all these revisions came to pass. Independent of me and swiftly, they all happened incredibly that I made a total shift and commitment to studying Neville Goddard and only the law of assumption materials, and eventually decided that this being the most important education in any human life, it would be the highest honour and passion for anyone that the King is the teacher of the law of assumption for them.

Then I learned to change my concepts of self in May 2022. I worked with this faithfully and I saw things that never happened for years of running after them began to find me. They sought me themselves. That was when I knew that I had found the only way to keep living. If things I had wanted for years and ran after to no avail now turn and began to find me everywhere just by a change of my self-concept, then I have found the secret of living a wonderful life.

Not until July 2022 when I witnessed the power of Inner Speech to literally create and shift my world just out of nowhere. Then I knew that I have immense power over all creation. From that moment on, I have created and risen from power to power. I simply mastered these three processes: Revision, Self-Concept and Inner Speech, in that order.

Between August 2021 and now, I have made multi millions of money. I have married my love and best friend. I have a successful company. My stocks in my business are worth billions of naira. My relationships with my parents are peaceful and harmonious. My relationships with my siblings are lovely. I have the best team working with me. And I have associates who are simply pleased and happy to work with me. I have a successful teaching career with my students having evident inner transformations and outer results. I have witnessed more than 500 success stories which I can sit and recount. I have an unwavering, unshaken confidence in the law of my being.

And for the first time in my whole life, I know who I am and what I am being. I am remembering my true and divine nature with all manner of mystical experiences.

I left all that fear behind, and now my connection to all humans is love.


I love to teach people what I did and how it worked. I speak from a very personal experience of having known failure and now having success, and I know that the transition is not linear, literal nor lateral. It is a jump, an embodiment and a shift in a new experience from within. So, I love to teach my students exactly who their imagination is, and how the power within may be harnessed.

Simplicity qualifies my approach to this teaching. After all, I have found simplicity in how it works. So, why not keep it simple. Besides, the more complex one makes it, the more difficult one finds to apply it. And my experience is that application brings results, not unnecessary complexity.

So, I love to teach and I teach the law of assumption. And I teach it in simple terms.

Also my students always have first an instant inner shift where their lives not only makes meaningful sense to them, but their future becomes defined. They always know what to do next with themselves. And they find the inner shifts they have made lead to inevitable and unstoppable outer transformations.

I love to show that the whole Bible is about this law of assumption. My students would often find me quoting passages of scriptures, showing them that the applications of these texts are for us to find the creative power of the universe within us and we in him, tending to our assumptions or the prayers we have made in the secrets of our hearts as true. And I love to demonstrate the insight that we all are going to experience the awakening of the Father in us. The classical sleeping beauty, the classical Alice in Wonderland is God in humans. And we all would wake As Him just as surely as we slept with him, dreaming this dream called life.


The student can forever be sure of two things from learning with me. First, a deeper and keener approach to and awareness of life. The student would have such internal experience of who they are that they would not mistaken their roles in this world as that of the receiver of life’s whims, but realise their role has been that of the captain of life’s grand ship. You would know who you are for certain, that you are God and there is no one to change, no one to persuade, but yourself.

Second, the student would certainly and inevitably experience the results for which we have started our engagement. Some results are instant, while some are in a relative while. Yet, the results are certain and they do not arrive late. So, I remain steadfast and sure of the eventual result, and I teach and show the student to be the same by my example of a faithful attitude.


I recommend that you begin the journey and experience of your life of freedom and power, of knowing your true identity by a study with me. And if you have to learn only one thing, just one thing in this world about yourself to Mastery, it is your Inner Speech.

The whole vast world is inner speech frozen. (Neville Goddard) Every aspect of life corresponds to an inner conversation in us. And we cannot function our highest calling by which we have been called into the divine brotherhood of awakened humanity when we mess around with chaotic inner talking and a disordered life.

Therefore, Mastery of Your Inner Speech is most important event of your human life. You gain control of your inner talking, become a self-controlled human being not by restricting outward actions, but by training and refining the inner man, and you experience the power by which you can travel into other worlds, and determine the results of your daily life.