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Introduction to Who I Am

I am Adelere Adesina. I was born in Nigeria in 1997. I was raised by my parents from whom I learned the Bible and Bible stories. When I was growing up, my parents taught me to believe in an Almighty God who lives in heaven and has the power to do all things.

He could change the future and the destiny of any man on Earth. I believed these stories, read them myself but I did not understand lots of the stories. I did not know how to reach this almighty God and make him change my own destiny until I met Neville.

This is how I came across Neville.

My Story

Growing up as a child, my teenage years and up until my university years, I always wanted to know the true cause of life. I studied Economics in the University because I wanted to know how human welfare can be improved. I have a great entrepreneurship and creative mind but I wasn’t getting results in my life. I was broke, dejected and had lots of confidence with little to show for it. Ultimately, my self esteem went down. I wanted to change my life so badly.

I began to seek how this Almighty God could change my life in a creative way so that my destiny for greatness can be restored. While reading and studying in my search, I came across Neville. Neville emphasizes that the Imagination is the Almighty God to whom all things are possible. According to him, if I imagine that is God creating. If I imagine the results I want consciously, they inevitably happen in a natural way.

When I first learnt this, I thought it was hocus-pocus like most people. I am glad I gave it a try anyways. After all, there was nothing I really had to lose. I was not in a good place socially nor financially and had nothing to show for business results. So, I paid attention and listened to what Neville was saying.

In a short while, I began to change the lives of people around me using what Neville called, “Revision”. I used revision to give people money. I didn’t give them physical money since I didn’t have then myself. But I imagined it when they told me they wanted money. I used revision to give people jobs, accommodations, children and many more. It’s amazing how revision works and that made me go deeper.

I began to see that I could also change my own life using self concept. When I changed my self concept, things literally changed overnight. Within the same month, I went from having nothing to having six figures in income. The following month, I began to make seven figures in income conveniently. That’s just financially. Socially, I went from not having friends to having quality friendships. I went from having no importance or relevance in many places in the world to having amazing relevance in the lives of many people.

That’s just the beginning of things that have happened. For instance, I began to fulfill my obligations in life and be a responsible person with my Imagination. I got my fiancée through my imagination! There are many more stories that I could share of how my  imagination has worked for me. Needless to say, I discovered that by controlling my inner speech, I can control my entire life every time.

Guess what I did? I did exactly that.

I went from a confused person who always thought that God was external to himself and didn’t know how to create his life and mold his destiny to an independent, self-reliant man who is able to lead his life the way he wants without any conditions nor restrictions.

My Process

I have shown many people to do the same. My students have results, they always do because I always imagine that they have results. Besides that, I let them own their own assumptions that they have results. In the end, they do have results. So, I teach exactly what I did. I make them learn revision, self-concept, their inner conversations and how to control and master these. Self mastery is always the objective of every course and program that I take my students through. As a result of that, they have amazing results every time.

I have students who went from zero and frustration to becoming bold, confident and self-reliant. I have students who went from having a terrible situation in their family to having the most peaceful, loving family ever. I have students who changed their careers overnight and students who changed their lives in significant measures. I have students who began to sustain healthy and loving relationships, got engaged, just by using their imagination and those three processes that I have mentioned.

My Commitment

This is the same promise I make to you. I know who I am. I am not assuring you anything outside of that but I am assuring you that by following the exact steps I have done unnumbered times, you too will create your results.  I can assure you that by following my process with your own desires, your results are inevitable. Your Imagination, your desires and my process makes you live the kind of life you have always wanted to live.

It is my joy to see the whole world awakening, understanding and realizing that imagination creates reality. The true destiny of humanity is God himself. He’s not as far from us as to even be near us.  Rather, He is in us as we ourselves. It is my vision that we have a world where everyone is imagining in perfect forms and imagining the loving experiences of life. As a result, everyone is full of joy and success. I know that this vision has come true with you.

Therefore, get a class, course or buy a book with me. Whatever you can do to have my instruction, take it, do it. Be a doer and not a hearer.

Yours royally ,

Adelere Adesina  

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