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Miss S Da Silva Bezerra

Miss S Da Silva Bezerra User Submitted Post

This is a story of faith and persistence.
I had being ‘without a physical home’ for over a year. I craved having a place l could call home. Everything seemed to be against me: I had poor credit score to apply for a place, I had no financial references and, foremost, I had tasted failure in so many areas of my life that my confidence was zero, nada…nevertheless, I had a latent desire.
I remember when I started to revise ‘Isn’t it wonderful that I’ve found my ideal house?’. Well, I found it. I did. Three times! And none of them became mine. If only I knew that my revision was not complete. I found the houses and I lost them. Why? Because I did not occupy them. I was thinking of my ideal and not from my ideal. This thought hit me like a lighting and from them on I revised ‘Isn’t it wonderful that I’ve lived in my ideal house?’
The waiting taught me so much and I know that my awareness of being God is much stronger today than yesterday and it keeps on growing.
I am now living in my ideal house and it’s better than I had imagined 😀 My confidence is back too and it keeps on growing. I am getting bolder and bolder, hooray!
Shayla Bezerra


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