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We begin to rise in the middle of all that is going on in life, then we rise to higher and higher levels of consciousness. A careful consideration of all that has happened in your life and all that you have witnessed is sufficient to reiterate this simple principle which I tell you is responsible for how all things are made:


Assume the thing and the thing shall become a fact.


Assume it even before it is a fact, in spite of evidence that implies it might never become a fact.


You have run your entire life on the basis of assumptions. You are living because of some assumptions in you. You are even reading this because of some assumptions within you that has brought it into your world.


For example, when you go to bed tonight, are you worried that everything ends there? Certainly not. You either wonder what may happen tomorrow or you are planning how you’d spend tomorrow. Whichever you do, you assume that there is continuity of your life.


People assume there’d be sun, rain, or other natural conditions and those conditions continue to be perpetuated.


If that seems too incredible, consider that before you completed your education in college, you assumed it. You then wondered based on that assumption what you would do with your knowledge or life after college. Before you complete a vocational training, sometimes even before you start, you are assuming that you have mastered it and are gaining opportunities to put the skill to use through.


The Occasional Hour


Neville Goddard once said that it is not ideal to leave the control of our assumptions until the last minute, the occasional hour of need. I witnessed a swimming competition just recently. There were exceptional performances. But one swimmer performed far below average, almost embarrassingly so to whoever coached her. One of the spectators around me said, “She ought to have practised this skill together with her overall trainings. If she was going to swim 50 meters, she ought to have practised this one thing well.”


What he said applies to us all. Every great project in our lives is like that swimming competition. We can have a burst of energy, a great deal of motivation. But if we have left practice to only the occasional hour of such big projects, we may find ourselves underperformed.


This is not to assume that we are underperformed, for in such a case, the one who assumed it cannot avoid neglecting practice until that occasional hour and discover their poor performance.


On the contrary, this is to urge us to set our goal beyond the occasional hour. Make a personal commitment to assume something ideal constantly. Do not wait for when, say, marriage is upon you, or finances are not ideal, before you practise. Set yourself a periodic task of just simply assuming.


For example, instead of letting your lunch come anyhow as a part of your broad assumptions of living and surviving, why not assume the enjoyment of a certain kind of lunch. You do not have to know how it will be provided to you. But you can just assume.


Just Assume


Well, how to assume?


This thing is the simplest of all tasks in the world. It is simpler than breathing, may I assure you. Yes, simpler than dancing or even eating. I mean I just said it’s simpler than breathing; so, what else can be simpler than breathing that I can use to illustrate how simple it is to just assume?


Let me show you how to assume in a practical scenario.


Take the lunch example. Suppose you decide to practise assuming an ideal. First, decide what you would like for a lovely lunch.


Once you know specifically what you want, assume you have just had lunch.


It is almost like pretending that you just had lunch. Do you know those moments you are playing with a little baby and pretending you heard the baby language they might be saying. You don’t understand quite factually. The baby is not speaking English or any language amongst humans for that matter. But you pretend to understand it to yourself, then you accept that attitude as a true idea. You so accept it that you respond to the baby, sometimes in the same gibberish language and sometimes in your natural tongue, but you respond.


All based on your assumption, isn’t it?


So, back to the lunch. You convince yourself just simply with: I just had this lovely lunch. By this you mean the specific lunch and you just really finished it.


Now, if you actually just finished the lunch, what would your body feel like? What would you do in that moment? These are the things you imagine yourself feeling and doing. No special effects, no exaggerations. Unless you like to be dramatic by personality, you don’t need to add anything else.


So, what are the steps?


1. Decide specifically what the thing is.

2. Assume that you just have it, become it or witness it.

3. Then feel exactly what you’d feel were you actually going through the second step. In your imagination, do exactly what you’d do.

You have just assumed now.


Assume you just ate the lovely lunch. Imagine feeling full and lifting yourself up from the chair where you fed quite slowly as you would after a great meal. That is you just assuming it.


A Daily Basis


Make the basis of transformation in your life a daily basis. Meaning that you commit to daily just assuming things you wish for. Learn to assume a thing because you want it.


You will be surprised in how not too long this will change your life.


Life is all within the power of awareness.


Adelere Adesina

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