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By June 26th, it would be a year exactly when I sat upright on my bed at the hotel I stayed and decided I wanted to create my perfect fairytale marriage. I wanted no more dilly-dallying. I wanted no more in and out. I just wanted something so true and perfect that it is unbelievably real love.

I had just studied ‘The Coin of Heaven chapter’ and ‘Control Your Inner Conversations’ lecture by Neville Goddard. And this was my first application, a simple inner speech of my wish fulfilled.

What’s my wish? I want MY wife. Not a wife, but the woman of my dreams. I want her to be beautiful because I love beauty so much! I wasn’t always honest with that to appear to others like I was an understanding fellow. But now, I admitted it. I wanted her to be really beautiful, and fair in complexion.

I want her to be faithful and trustworthy. I stopped wanting to be forgiving of someone’s mistakes and pasts. I just want MY wife to be faithful and share profound trust.

I wanted her to be younger than I am. Prior to the moment, I always felt special for having a crush on older ladies and felt like ‘I wasn’t conforming to society’ because I dated older girls. But actually, in my heart, I wanted my wife to be younger. It’s just what I wanted.

I wanted us to be fun together. Lots of fun in anything. Now that I write it, I recall how this Queen learned to play Monopoly with me, it has been fun. And you know who always had to win, don’t you?

Yes! I wanted to have more than enough money to give her all her dreams which I have the natural obligations to. Soft life. Baby girl life. And Queen life. And that for the family we’ll both raise.

I wanted us to be our best companions. Best friends. Best in our togetherness. Always loving our presence and friendship together.

I wanted us to reinforce one another. That we always reinforce the truth of our beings.

And I wanted us to be the romantic couple all our life.

It was a set of ideas that were too good to be true. It was the perfect fairytale of love and marriage. And I had zero idea how it would happen.

But I began to imagine it every morning and night. In the Coin of Heaven, Neville said, ‘If the reader asks, “What if the inner speech remains subjective and is unable to find an object for its love?” the answer is: it will not remain subjective, for the very simple reason that inner speech is always objectifying itself.’ So, I reminded myself that an inner speech never stays subjective. It always happens.

Two weeks after I began my assumption, I met her. And I met her when I had zero thoughts on any new relationship. In fact, I had already packed my bags at the hotel. I was going to travel to other cities and take a tour of the country for the rest of the year. But I met her.

On our first meeting for lunch, I had just stopped close to her work to say ‘Hi,’ which was quite unusual for me. She came and as I saw her approaching, I saw that perfect beauty of a woman that I had always wanted. I knew from that moment that I would marry her.

It is a year in this month since I first created the inner speech, and at the moment, I am actually her husband. She feels so lucky to have me, and I feel so lucky to have her.

She reminds me of myself, of how much I love myself to have given myself the best amongst all women for my wife. O, must I have highly loved myself to have such a beautiful, perfect and sweet woman 👩 ❤.

She is my Queen. She is Queen Joy Adesina, and we are the perfect fairytale love.

All were created by using my imagination.

Yours royally 👑,
Adelere Adesina 🤴🏿

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