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THE WORD means idea, concept, or desire. You deceive yourself by “hearing only” when you expect your desire to be fulfilled through mere wishful thinking. Your desire is what you want to be, and looking at yourself “in a glass” is seeing yourself in imagination as that person. Forgetting “what manner of man” you are is failing to persist in your assumption. ~ Neville Goddard

At this time, you have heard from me or someone that Imagination Creates Reality. You may even have done it for a number of results in your life. There are certain things however which people do, thinking they are imagining, while they are actually ignoring the law. In this first lesson, we examine what is NOT doing the law. You can get rid of them for the rest of your human life once and for all. Takes practice, yeah; still assume you have got rid of them.

1. WISHING is NOT Being a Doer:

I have met people from all walks of life, told them that Imagination Creates Reality. One of the first questions they ask is, ‘But I’ve been imagining something for a long time and it hasn’t happened.’ What they meant to say is, ‘I’ve been wishing for something all these years.’

The law always works, and failure is in our own misuse or ignorance of the law. To wish is not the same as to imagine. These Shakespeare words mean a lot, but they don’t mean mere wishful thinking. ‘He which is was wished until it were.’ It implies there’s a persistent wishing as if it were. That’s mental work, whilst mere wishing is complacency or the state of not expending. Being a doer means you do more than wishful thinking. You make it about the wish fulfilled and you wish it persistently until it happens.

2. HOPING Is NOT Being a Doer:

I watch movies and one of the predominant themes that I’ve noticed in them is the attitude of hoping it ends well for someone, usually the main actor who so often reflects an attitude of life that the viewers hold dear. But Hope is NOT a strategy, not an action, not a plan. You have heard these. I’m announcing to you that Hope is NOT imagining the wish fulfilled.

To Hope is the same as wishing something turns around without imagining that it has turned around. Even in those words, you can feel the clear difference between hoping something unwanted stops and believing something desirable has replaced it. You want to be a Doer? Don’t Hope. BELIEVE!

3. TAKING CHANCE Is NOT Being a Doer:

But everyone has tried to take chances. Even Celine Dion sang, ‘What do you say to taking chances?’ So, what have you been doing taking chances? Taking chances is in the attitude of mind where a person is indecisive. They really want a goal, but they’re busying trying to take physical actions towards the goal in the hope that if they take action X, they’ll achieve Star goal A. Even when X isn’t their desirable action. People gamble through life, thinking if they did something, another thing would or would have happened.

Neville said the Word means Idea, Concept or Desire. Why can we differentiate two things from one another, such as different a bread from a coke? Because they are Different concepts, and a concept or an idea is one because it is different from others. Doers Differentiate. Doers Specify. Doers don’t take the chance that something good can happen. They know specifically the great idea they want and believe it to pass.

4. LUKEWARMNESS is NOT Being a Doer:

Sometimes, we try to be a Doer and we do it once. Then we ask, ‘Why hasn’t it happened yet?’ Because we’ve returned from being a doer to being a mere wisher. Being lukewarm, being in and out sounds like this, ‘I imagined it last night, so now something should have happened, right?’

What are you busy doing now that you are not Imagining? Doers Imagine and they Persist in It.


People wait for signs morning, noon and night. What they did is to them a sign of something else. What happened is another sign that something will happen. What other people did or didn’t do are all signs to individuals who are not hearers. But you don’t need signs. You want results!

I remember once when I was at the hotel in another city, May 7th. I had to pay for my lodging for the next few days or my agenda for the trip would be cancelled, but I had spent all I had left. So, I imagined paying and heard ‘Thank you,’ from the receptionist. In a few hours, I made the actual payment. Did I need a sign at that time? No! Now you see that signs are for hearers who are not doing, who are not self-persuaded that they have what they want.

There is nothing you want to create that you’d prefer to first have a sign it is coming before you see it. To expect a sign is an imaginal act, but, in fact, an imaginal act that keeps you busy and away from imagining the actual results!

Are you a signs-watcher or a doer?

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