The Inestimable Estimate of the Power That Lies in You

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If You Knew the Inestimable Estimate of the Power That Lies in You…

Earlier today, my student P. said she was working on a challenging task with her subordinate. They’ve tried multiple solutions, but none worked. They had spent all their efforts and skills, then it struck her, ‘Why didn’t I revise it?’ She revised it, and within that minute, it was automatically resolved! She immediately realized how powerful she was. I was really happy because she’s taken her revision into a habit, into her daily toolbox of solving life’s challenges. My objective for our classes is achieved: to make revision your daily practice for every available event.

What about you? Do you realize how powerful you really are? If only you knew how powerful you were, you’d live and walk differently. But man forgets his power. He thinks he’s that little thing that must beg for mercy, beg for life, beg for his survival. He conceives himself as a little John, a little Alice or a little Smith and forgets all about being the Eternal Being that is the Imagination! So, if you knew the inestimable estimate of your power, wouldn’t you walk differently?

I saw various reports of missing persons as a child growing up. My dad watched the news and I his son joined him. They brought them up just after every news. But because I did not realize my power, I would see it time and again recurring in my world. I believed it; I heard stories of it, even up to my circle of acquaintances who had narrow escapes.

When I realized my power of revision, that passive attitude changed! I am the Imagination and my imagination when I revise an experience, will rewrite its occurrence.

So, three other times in late 2021 until early 2022 when I saw the reports of missing persons online, I revised them. And each one of them was later found. They were especially people I did not know. Just saw some random Facebook posts about them lost and later, after my revision, found. Or on someone’s status, only to be reposted as found after I revised them.

Is my power not Inestimable then? Am I not incredibly powerful then?

If I revised just sitting on my chair in my room, or lying on my bed, and I revise an event happening in the world, then the world conforms to it, am I not the impersonal power affecting every wheel of event in my world?

How would you act differently or react differently if you knew the infinite power in you? For example, P. knowing her power, knowing that her skills, personal actions and past experiences cannot match the one moment of exercising her imagination, wouldn’t she exercise it timelessly?

I imagined and they were found. I once thought the police would do it, detectives would do it or some other means the government had to provide for finding the missing persons. But knowing that I didn’t have to wait, I could revise now, I did it.

The first time. Maybe that was chance, but what about the second time? What about the third time? Or what about when I revised that my friend who had no money on him then made a trip twice and he did. Twice that I revised it, he made the trip even when many others couldn’t?

What wouldn’t world powers, governments, business moguls do to have that power? They compromise. They set aims but when they have exhausted all physical means, they compromise. But this power, you can use it. Yes, even in governance, in business, in world affairs.

And the homeless can use it, sleeping tonight feeling he’s as sheltered as he wished. It would happen. Or the beggar would exercise his revision and become the independent, secured man he wishes to be. But it’s not just wishing. He must exercise it. You must exercise it.

There’s not a day pass that I do not seize the opportunity to exercise it. And because I exercise it, I have unnumbered stories of all things bright and beautiful, all manifestations great and small, all experiences loving and wonderful created by my wonderful human imagination daily!

Do you wait another day before you seize the opportunity to revise? To exercise your power of inestimable estimate?

Written: January 2023
Released: January 2023

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