The Fantastic Idea

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If you had an exposure of ideas like I did as a child, then you’d agree with me that the word ‘fantastic’ is remarkable for children. We love things fantastic. One of my favourite movies from childhood was the Fantastic Four. Perhaps that idea of fantastic brought me to accept the movie as superbly interesting. I loved Spiderman because it was fantastic. In like manner, I loved my Christmas shoes that my parents buy for me and the fantastic soup on Christmas day which tasted like no other.


But the most fantastic thing in this world cannot be found in any of those. I really mean if you took Spiderman from a sci-fi and turned it to a fact, a literal historical case, it wouldn’t be anywhere near as fantastic as this most fantastic idea in the world.


If you take the tale of crossing multiple universes of Dr Strange in the Multiverse of Madness or the invention of time travel in Predestination movies and magically make them happen factually, you would be disappointed with how far off they fall were you to compare them with this most fantastic idea!


May I tell you this is the most fantastic idea! Such a fantastic idea it is.


‘God is in you as you, and His eternal purpose is for you to know you are God.’


You are He, but for you to know. To have the awareness on the various mystical levels where that awareness is explored.


It would be a belittling of this fantastic idea to even try to compare it with those quite fantastic things.


Has time travel been the most fantastic idea you ever heard? Explore this awareness of being God on the level of revision.


Has multiverse travel been the most phenomenal idea you’ve heard? Explore this awareness of being God on the level of bilocation.


Has string theory strung you up your wits? Explore this awareness of being God on the level of mental activity.


Has the strange buildup of great objects from tiny atomic particles puzzled you wildly? Explore this awareness of being God on the level of concepts of self.


Have the abilities of telekinesis and telepathy really intrigued you wherever they are heard? Explore this awareness of being God on the level of inner talking and imaginal acts.


Although you can move the whole world off its axis by this fantastic idea if you know how to operate it, you do not have to shift the Earth away. Rather, you may shine your awareness and bring infinite joy, infinite light and supreme love to be born in this world.


But this most fantastic idea of itself, besides the wildest experiments you can conduct on it, of itself will move and moves internal mountains of beliefs in other powers.


‘The second man is the Lord from heaven.’


The second man is that spirit of man. That is not just any Lord, but the Lord from heaven.


Those mountains of belief in any power or cause outside of your imagination, your awareness, will come crashing down.


It is the most fantastic idea! It destroys the temple of the fathers and rebuild God’s temple within three days.


It is the most fantastic idea. It will grip you until you have had the essence of it.


God is in you as you, and His purpose is so that you may know you are God.

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