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My COO called me on a Sunday and asked, ‘What were the achievements of Neville Goddard? What was his life like by his use of the Imagination? Was he ascetic or how was he?’ Then she encouraged me to record my response. Here is a written record of what I understand best about Neville Goddard’s life. I am not a historian and I wouldn’t be telling you history. But I would tell you what life Neville used his imagination to create. It inspired me, and it would inspire you too.

Neville and His Career

When Neville left Barbados for America, he started as a dancer and an actor in 1921. Within a year, he went international since he performed in London in 1922. However, Neville would make a fortune in one year to blow it all in another year. He went from his little success to losing it all, and began to work in various temporary jobs.

He had run elevators, being an errand boy earning $22 weekly, this he did for more than a year. He had filled bins for his job. Therefore, when his parents visited in 1933 and he felt the desire to go to Barbados, his expression that he had failed shamefully was an accurate description of a man who lived by no means of his own, having no job and therefore dependent, having lost the success in his career early on and easily blaming that on the great depression. What did he use his imagination to change in his career?

After his encounter with Abdullah, he really paid attention to the old man who had expected him six months earlier. Neville manifested his trip to Barbados in Dec. 1933 and it was a 90 days trip. So, he returned in February, but he returned with a renewed commitment to life. He simply realised that with his imagination, he could achieve any, ANY definite objective he had. Why, he just had a $3000 trip to and fro without a dime in his possession. So, Neville listened to Abdullah. Studied with him. And made him more than his teacher: he made Abdullah his friend. From February 2nd 1938, five years after he’s learned from Ab, he simply started to teach PEOPLE from his own experiences.

Now, let’s look at the nature of his established career. After all, you know him first as a teacher of the law of assumption. Neville was a teacher from 1938 until 1972, when he died. That’s 34 years of teaching, and all he did to earn his living. In this career, Neville had free classes which occurred on Sundays on platforms often and on the TV (still Sundays). He was heard by many people from the TV. Over 300,000 people were in his audience at the time. Some of his most exercising students came from there. His weekday sessions were paid. I cannot tell the rates when he started, but he made it affordable whilst pricy! As at 1949, you’d pay over $50 in two weeks to obtain tickets for two people for his weekly lectures. That’s about $310 per person per week. In the 1960s, you’d pay $40 a week, which is still about $300 weekly today.

Sometime after 1959, you’d still pay an equivalent of $300 today to attend Neville’s lectures workout weekly then. Since he charged $40 per week for his weekday meetings. OK! He had anything from 200 to 2000 (possibly more) people in his audience paid per moment. He taught in NYC, LA and San Francisco, at least (I don’t know of anywhere else). So, this man had a career that maintained about 200 to 2000 people per city listening weekly and recording monthly sales of 200 to 2000 × $300 in today’s value for his lifetime. That’s about $60000 to $600000 weekly. You think he didn’t make money? That’s frankly maybe politely your self-concept, not his! For this man made PROSPERITY of his career.

Alright, that’s about his career. But be mindful I just evaluated in today’s figures, and that makes Neville an above 1% earner from just his career. We’ll see more shortly, but let me mention that this was his only occupation. Besides, he had regular vacations. Actually, Neville always planned a year ahead. Until his year of departure from this world. And in that one year would be vacations, cities he’d teach and the lessons, with the prices. For this section, kindly read or listen to the following lectures: 1. Sound Investments, 2. Freedom Lecture, 3. God’s Law and Promise, 4. Predestined Glory, 5. Changing the Feeling of I.

Neville and His Lifestyle

Before and after of Neville’s lifestyle is such a transformation. We’re talking about a man who didn’t have much quality in his lifestyle show up with a sudden and enduring change in his lifestyle. This is an inspiration for me, especially how it borders on the common idea of spirituality. So, for many years until he met Abdullah, Neville lived a celibate life having no sex. Of course, avoiding other things that weren’t just spiritual such as wine, meat and girls.

Essentially, if anything was superstitious and ought to be avoided, Neville’s probably avoiding it. When he started to study with Ab though, that significantly and beautifully changed. After that trip to Barbados, Neville simply returned with two brandy for Ab. Ab finished them in what? Two weeks? Neville began to appreciate that not the physical drunkenness mattered but the spiritual. Actually, he realised that he could have wine, eat meat and be HOLY, for holiness is God’s nature, and God is You! Maybe he didn’t activate all immediately, I can’t tell of his sexual life before meeting his wife Bill Cathy. We’re learning of a man who’s in the habit of revising his whole past. But lifestyle?

This was what Neville did. After seven years of abstaining from meat and wines, he began to eat them again. No, it didn’t happen by effort but by a change of consciousness. His teacher said, ‘You will have died when you return from Barbados.’ And he died to his superstitions about meat, wine and sex possibly amongst other things he had restrained himself from. From February 1934, he restored a full life. He enjoyed his wines as he wished. Ab made Neville realise that Holiness is not abstinence. They’re even spelt differently.

You would see it in Neville’s awareness later. He said you wouldn’t need a special day nor place to exercise your imagination. It’s not that because you’re at the bar, you’re unclean. You are holy wherever you are. Ab taught Neville to own this belief that all things are pure to the one with a pure consciousness. Wine nor meat nor a location makes man impure, but his own consciousness of himself. Neville expanded his beliefs and consequently enriched his lifestyle. Some examples of his changes follow.

He gave himself a worthy shelter. He went from living in a single room basement on 75th Street to first, living in a hotel room and when he settled down with his wife, renting their apartment. And for the price he wanted, with every detail of painting and structure he wished for.

At least from 1943, they lived in their apartments until he died, living in the first for 14 years and the second until 1972. Neville had lots of vacations with his wife. You might have heard a story in his lecture when he wanted to return from Barbados to Milwaukee but there was a long waiting list. Using his imagination, he manifested his return overnight. That was a vacation Neville took, and he had lots of such. Remember that before he met Ab, he could not even take a trip to Barbados even if he wanted it.

Neville had his personal secretary at least until the secretary died in 1948. Jack was his name. Neville had his financial manager too, who was really his wife. She carried Neville’s money for him. Neville also had his personal driver. I don’t know his name, but he always promptly took Neville to his meetings and back. Neville did not learn how to nor wanted to drive. So, his chauffeur took him around. Neville had nice meals in truly delightful restaurants. He was regularly a guest to many elite clubs. And you could only meet Neville by an appointment in his house or at his meetings.

Neville was a truly tall man by the standards of success. He hosted small parties of a few dear friends in his own house. These are details of his lifestyle that you would hear from him in his lectures. A decent apartment, vacations with his family, a personal secretary, his financial manager, decent meals and organised daily life. This is such an elegant and rich lifestyle for a teacher and writer. Who doesn’t want a life so wonderful?

For this section, kindly read or listen to the following lectures: 1. Thinking Fourth Dimensionally, 2. Power 3. All Things Exist, 4. Truth, the Word of God, 5. A Parabolic Revelation, 6. It Is Within, 7. His Name

This being the first part, in my next article, I shall share about Neville’s relationship, his finances, his health and if the space allows, his death.

If Neville did this with his imagination only, use your power also!

Yours supremely and royally 👑,
Adelere Adesina 🤴🏿

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