Testimonial: The power of Self-Concept

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The power of Self-Concept

Even before I came across Neville I always told myself ‘I lose nothing’. This has always being part of my Self-Concept but only recently I discovered this true meaning…
A few months ago I ‘misplaced’ a set of keys…which were not mine. These keys were my boss’ and it holds a keyring which is the most treasured thing on this world to my boss.
When I realized that I had seriously misplaced the keys and that they were nowhere near me to be found and I was left with ‘desiring the keys to come back to me’. Every time I walked by the place where the keys normally were, I’d visually seeing the keys there and think ‘ins’t it wonderful that the keys are back.’
A week later, a staff of the building I work at stops me on the street and asks ‘have you lost some keys?’. In a split of a second I had all my inner conversations flashing in my mind and I enthusiastically thought ‘I did it!’.
This guys went on telling me that he saw a post on FB of someone who had found a set of keys on a supermarket (which I had been to a week ago, 15 miles away from my workplace). The person posted a pic of the keys and on the keyring was engraved ‘Heather’, the lady I work for. How this guy connected the key to me I cannot find an explanation if not a ‘mystical’ one. He made the connection, contacted the person who found the key at the supermarket, drove the the person’s house, identified himself as a staff of the building and collected the keys for me. I had the key placed back on the palm of my hands and boy, it felt good. I paid him back with a HUGE hug and the reassurance that I AM GOD. As I said in the beginning ‘I lose nothing!’
Does Imagination create Reality? You bet!


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