Imaginal Practices, Exercise 236: The Acts of Luxury

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#236: The Acts of Luxury


Imaginal acts become facts! To take this premise and test it faithfully for luxury, simply do the imaginal acts of luxury.


Acts of luxury are done by bringing in the sensations of what you see, hear and touch which all imply you are living in splendor. The exact way in which this act is to be performed is narrated by Neville in the following manner.


“The first step in changing the future is desire— that is: define your objective—know definitely what you want.

Secondly: construct an event which you believe you would encounter following the fulfillment of your desire—an event which implies fulfillment of your desire— something that will have the action of self predominant. Thirdly: immobilize the physical body and induce a condition akin to sleep—lie on a bed or relax in a chair and imagine that you are sleepy; then, with eyelids closed and your attention focused on the action you intend to experience—in imagination—mentally feel yourself right into the proposed action—imagining all the while that you are actually performing the action here and now. You must always participate in the imaginary action, not merely stand back and look on, but you must feel that you are actually performing the action so that the imaginary sensation is real to you. It is important always to remember that the proposed action must be one which follows the fulfillment of your desire; and, also, you must feel yourself into the action until it has all the vividness and distinctness of reality.” (Neville, Out of This World)


In order words, first define what luxury you want in life. Is it luxury in use, in possession, in relation or all? Form a clear, crystal clear idea of your luxury. Second, construct a simple event that involves the three sensations: what you see, hear and touch, which implies your luxury is now yours. Finally, in a relaxed state of drowsiness, as if you were falling asleep, act by seeing, hearing and touching as you’ve predefined. You act as though your mental object was actually present and you can feel it more acutely than this physical world. Then you fall asleep right in that repetitive action.


To exercise this, follow the steps below.


1. Define clearly what luxury means for you. This task requires you to have a clear mental picture or idea of your concept of luxury. Make sure you are defining only what you want of a luxurious life.


2. Having defined your aim, ask yourself these questions and provide the clearest and most vivid answers possible.


a. What would I see repeatedly if I am now as luxurious as defined in no. 1?


b. What would I hear naturally if I am now as luxurious as defined in no. 1?


c. What would I touch vividly if I am now as opulent as defined in no. 1?


Bring all three together into a single event.


3. Sit still in your chair and be physically comfortable and immobile. Act as if you were falling asleep and couldn’t care less about your outer world.


4. Picture before you what you’ve defined you’d see in no. 2. See it clearly before you.


5. Right as you see it clearly, feel your imaginary hands touching what you defined you would be touching or holding in no. 2, living your life of luxury.


6. As you feel the vivid touch, now hear yourself or the voice of your friend distinctly say what you know you would hear in your life of luxury.


7. Continue to perceive this event with the feeling that you are right within it vividly and naturally. Capture the sensation that you are living in luxury.


8. Then allow yourself to take a brief very short nap in the middle of this repeated sensation of luxury.


9. When you wake from this contemplation, live on joyfully.


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