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Royal Greetings from the Supreme King 🤴! 


The New Year period comes with various meanings for different people. For some, it is just another day passing. Now, if a person does not regard a day special, he does it to the glory of his Imagination. For he only fused with a state. It is nothing more than a state. And the Imagination, his own wonderful human imagination, that fused with the state where the New Year is like every other day.  


For some, it is a period of promises to themselves. This is a special period for them and they might never do anything until that period arrives, when they promise themselves to take X amount of action and put in Y extra efforts. Sometimes, which they failed to do in the previous year as they were compelled by their imagination. You know, I watched a movie with my Queen and at the end of it, she said: ‘That lady ought to have not let her imagination overcome her actions.’ I said, ‘Since you called it her imagination, she has no choice anymore. Her imagination overpowered her so that she couldn’t choose differently.’ So, resolutions without imagining the wish fulfilled changes nothing.  





Break It! A deja vu, the phenomenon of feeling as though one has lived through the present situation before. (Wikipedia) It happens nearly every time in the life of someone who has not started EXERCISING their Imagination. Living through the same experience over and over.  


A deja vu could be monthly, such as experiencing the same monthly income. It is a deja vu. It is happening. But it is undetected to the person experiencing it, because they are so believing that such is who they are. Not realising it is a state that can be changed anytime, even now.  


Some deja vu are daily, waking the same way to the same day for the same events with the same people over the same conditions until the day ends just like every other day before. 


I am writing to ask you to dare yourself to break your yearly deja vu. Very likely is it that your attitude to the new year this year is similar to your attitude last year, and perhaps your attitude to it two years ago. Break that attitude! 


If last year, you made promises of all the new habits you would form but you barely made it into the first seven days or the first quarter before ‘your imagination overpowered your actions’ (as my darling said), then break it. Especially if you experienced that two years ago. Three years ago. You see, it is an experience: the new year. And you have a concept of it, which repeats itself over and again for as long as you dwell in it. Until you change it! 


I remember three Decembers ago at the crossover when I was alone in a single room in an office. I had no money and no enjoyments, self-ashamed that I had failed my ventures from a month before and totally dependent on my parents and lecturers. Two Decembers ago in 2021, I broke the deja vu. I was alone in a room, with little money and no fun, but I started right then to set the intention for the incoming year. I wished for career success, for my ideal relationship, for meaningful friendship and through it all, for Self Mastery. I got it all in 2022. I got them exactly as I felt they would be from 2021.  


In December 2022, I had money. I had my Introduction (prewedding in Nigeria) with my Queen. I had fun with my loved ones. I brought my lady’s dreams to life. I did not repeat the same old events because I shifted my state. The old life exists, but is dead to me since I occupy a new one. And I already invested my coin of heaven last December 2022 to receive supreme rewards for December 2023. That is how to do it. 


When do you start? Right now! 

Where do you start? Right here! 

Whose permission, class, audio, guided meditation, etc. do you need to start? NONE!  

And I know you did not finish reading this sentence I am writing before you put your phone down! Close your eyes for a brief moment and in the deep of you, feel fulfilled for the exact kind of life you want in December 2023! But of course, you did not finish that sentence before you imagined ahead of the facts. 





You have heard, perhaps even said this statement of Neville. But have you actually applied it? With confidence that you can say: ‘Yes, I applied it? I have been applying it from this day and this time?’ 


Let me show you a simple simple way to apply it, simple and practical. Imagine better than the best you know does mean only one thing in application: IMAGINE A CONCRETE, WELL-DEFINED OBJECTIVE! 


Nothing is better than the best but the Unique!  


The Unique!  


The Specific!  


The Clear and Distinctive!  


The Perfectly Illustrated Experience! 



That is the thing better than the best you could ever know.  


Let me give you an example. You read Alice in Wonderland and the March Hare told Alice, ‘You should say what you mean.’ She replied, ‘At least, I mean what I say.’ When she protested that they meant the same thing, the March Hare mocked, “You might just as well say,” added the March Hare, “that ‘I like what I get’ is the same thing as ‘I get what I like’!” 


If you put 100 manifestors in a room,  possibly over 80 of them would have been liking what they get because they failed to imagine better than the best they know. Then they take it to be the same with getting what they like.  


In this new year, some people set resolutions to be abundant. Now, that’s the best. But that is not better than the best. So, a tip here, a bonus there would count for abundance for them. Of course it is manifestation. But, that is not a specific result. Everything becomes abundance. The air they breathe, the house they sleep in and the clothes they area wear. It’s the best. But it is not Unique! 


I remember January 2022 when I wanted more clothes. I got them out of thin air. They were the best, new clothes. But not the quality I wanted. Like Alice, I tried to like what I got. Because I didn’t specify what I liked and live in the end of that.  


In May 2022, after I did some shopping, I realised that I would like specific types of clothes. I assumed them. I ended the year with new clothes after another, all very Unique! I got what I liked and I felt truly deeply satisfied! 


You don’t just want ‘your best year yet’ in 2023. Even if a manifestation coach told you it is your best year yet, be the Supreme Lord of your own Consciousness and responsibily specify, outline and illustrate uniquely what 2023 means for you.  


It can mean anything. Anything you make up your mind that it would be!  


Do you want financial leaps into 6, 7 or 8 figures? Decide and Specify!  


Do you want fruitfulness of your womb? A boy? A girl? A set of twins? Specify! 


Do you want marriage to your partner? Okay, what does it mean? A luxurious wedding? A simple wedding? A Royal grand wedding? You must give it to yourself first! 


Do you want a career? O, specify it! A prosperous career is not the same as a collaborative career; and neither is the same with a prosperous and collaborative career. And if you do not specify, you would not know exactly what feeling to embody. Therefore, specify exactly and perfectly! 


Remember, the only way to better than the best is to specify! Neville says, ‘But if you really are specific, God is very definite. Outline is perfect in God’s world.’ (Read Q&A in Power by Neville)  





Once you have specified, you must now go to the end. Live in the end. What is the end of 2023? December 2023. This is January here, the beginning. But the principle that Imagination Creates Reality is exercised by going to the very end and dwelling in it as though it were true!  


Therefore, throughout your day, convince yourself that it is not the first weeks of 2023, because it IS the last days of 2023. Convince yourself that you have experienced the whole of 2023. Nothing new that it could bring again because you experienced everything you meant it to be! And you experienced it now! 


After today, after reading this, if you were asked, ‘How was your 2023?’ You must be able to genuinely reply: ‘It was this or that.’ If you specified it as a year of groundbreaking growth, then you must feel sincere to say, ‘It was a groundbreaking year of growth.’  


Whatever you wish it to be ahead of the days in it, live in the end of 2023 as if it has been so. Dream it. Feel the idea of it. Wake each day with the impression that it is the end of the year and it was the exact kind of year you ordered for.  


There is no other way around making 2023 YOUR 2023 but this.  


I wish you a 2024 greater by every measure of love than 2023 ever was.  


Yours supremely and royally 👑, 

Adelere Adesina 🤴🏿 

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