A Divine Event 2

A Divine Event
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A Divine Event (2)

When your eyes begin to open inwardly into the world of thought, into eternity, you will see what no mortal
eye turned out could ever see. There are no images in this outer world to describe the eternal world which is
imperishable, the world you will see when you are wearing Christ, the New Man.
This is an indescribable, ineffable, mystery; for God comes to us as one unknown, yet one who will allow the
individual to experience who he is. When you experience Christ, you are experiencing who you are, for you
are the Jesus of scripture. You are the Lord God Jehovah. The event toward which you are moving is the
awakening of the Lord in you. Then and only then will you know who you are.
Christmas is simply the proclamation of this one far-off divine event to which creation moves. It is not about
one who lived a long time ago, but about you. The Bible is very personal. It is your own spiritual biography,
your salvation history. To see the characters of scripture as characters of history is to see truth tempered to
the weakness of the human soul. They are not characters on the outside, but within you, for the drama unfolds
in your imagination. You are buried in yourself and do not know it. But when you reach the fullness of time
you will awake to Christmas.
Last lecture night I told you of an experience of a friend who tasted of the power of the age to come. She had
found herself, in dream, in the home of people who have not changed the fashion of their outer garments for
300 years. The woman’s second husband had been killed by the group and she tried to persuade them that
what they had done was wrong, but they would not believe her. A group of men all dressed in black and
carrying machine guns arrived, ready to kill everyone, and when she tried to persuade them that it was wrong
they could not understand. Then she began to awake in her dream to realize that, although they all seemed to

be independent of her perception of them, they were only aspects of her dream. Arresting her power of
perception, everything froze. She changed their intentions, released the activity in her which allowed them to
become reanimated again, and watched as the man put down his gun and with outstretched arms went over
to embrace the woman.
This is the power of which I speak. It is a power unknown to the mortal, rational mind. We think power is in
the atom bomb, in hydrogen energy, money in the bank, or securities. Tonight, undoubtedly a dozen or more
very wealthy men will die and not take one penny with them. They simply left the garment of flesh and blood
they made so real, along with their securities. But you can never lose the power of which I speak, for it is
forever. These bodies die, and all that they possess will die with them; but the power of imagination is
imperishable, for it is the power of God in man, called Christ. Man is slowly awakening to this power and
when he hears and senses it, this is the power he will exercise.
Now, in my friend’s case, she awoke in her dream to discover that, although everything seemed to be taking
place independent of her perception of it, the dream was only herself pushed out. Knowing that she could
control the dream, she changed the motivation of the man from murder to love. Then she released the activity
which allowed them to become reanimated again, and they obeyed her command. This is your future, your
inheritance where everything is under your control.
These bodies of flesh and blood are only garments God wears. Even though they are consumed in a furnace
(called cremation), the bodies are restored for others to occupy. The world is restored, but you – the actor in
the drama – move up until you finally awake, and that is what we callChristmas.
Christmas is the awakening of God in man. It’s not an event which took place 2,000 years ago, but is taking
place all over the world in those who have reached the fullness of time. When the fullness of time has come
for you, you begin to stir, to awaken from this dream of death and come out of your skull, which is your birth
from above. These two events take place the same night. We separate them by three and a half months, and
then add a few months to the discovery of the fatherhood of God, then more time to the ascension of the
spirit; but there are four parts of the one grand event. The first is resurrection. The second is birth. The third is
the discovery of the fatherhood through the son, and the fourth is the ascension: the rising of the son of man
(who you are) into heaven in a serpentine form.
Tonight many are preparing for the great event and singing their heads off on Christmas morning. I’m all for it.
Let them have fun. But they will be singing of one they do not know. They will sing their hallelujahs thinking
that someone in time and space is responding to their adulation – but that’s not Christmas. In the world,
moving among them walk those who have experienced the event. They know that Jesus is Lord and that he is
their wonderful human imagination, their I AMness.
I am is Jehovah’s name forever. By this name I shall be remembered throughout all generations. You are now
a living being because Jehovah is buried within you. And you are destined to become a life-giving spirit, as my
friend discovered she was. Stopping the activity in herself which allowed others to be alive, she changed their
motivation by giving a command which was in conflict with their intentions. Then she released the activity in
her and they became reanimated once more – not to carry out their former intention, but to execute her
command. She has now tasted of the power of the age to come.
On this level we argue, trying to persuade the other that he is wrong when he knows he is right, so we end up
just where we stand. This is life in a world of death where everything waxes, wanes, and vanishes.

But you are destined to enter the world of which I speak. It is eternal and cannot be entered with a body of
flesh and blood, but requires a new body. So unless what you sow dies, it cannot be made alive. And what
you sow is not the body which is to be, but God (who is yourself) gives you a body as he has chosen. It is a
glorious body of power and wisdom and called the body of Christ. It is worn as you would a garment, only
you are in control of your power through your innate wisdom – a wisdom to which no doubt is attached. This
proclamation is not discovered by some rational argument. The gospel is not discovered, it is disclosed. It is
not something you can logically prove, but a self-revelation of God. Scholars can study the life and teachings
of Jesus until the end of time but never find in the study who the Father or the Son is. If they did, they would
not tamper with the Bible.

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