#250: Riches: The Only Accepted Reality

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Consciousness is the one and only reality, and all things proceed from Consciousness. Knowing this, we must keep to the simplicity of bringing forth from within ourselves the states of riches that we want to express in this world. You are asked to offer only yourself up for the state, in other words, to give your attention to the wish of being wealthy fulfilled. Do not try to give anything else but your conviction that you are already wealthy.


The simplicity of this step can be described in a four-step manner. Follow it religiously and that way, in a simple manner, you externalise being rich.


a. KNOW that consciousness is the one and Only reality. If wealth is real, it is in your consciousness only.

b. Know exactly what you want to be. What are you pleased to be in respect of riches?

c. Assume the feeling of being that rich and wealthy person you pleased to be.

d. Remain faithful to your assumption, living and mentally acting as though your conviction were true.


In practical step-by-step instruction, here is how you keep it simple and effortless.


1. Know in yourself that consciousness is the only reality from which all your fortunes and riches can and will inevitably come. Repeat this sense of knowing in yourself by thinking: *Consciousness is the only reality from which my riches come for my consciousness is God.*

2. Sit gently and simply fix your aim, your objective in your mind. Who do you want to be (who are you being from Exercise #249?)

3. Set up a concrete step of assuming that you are it in consciousness. Since consciousness is the only reality, your sole focus is to know you are this who you defined in no. 2. To do this, follow the steps in no. 4.

4. With as much simplicity as you can find, render vivid answers to these questions.

a. Being as wealthy as I defined, what am I seeing now in my life daily that I only see from being so wealthy?

b. What do I hear now as a daily expression casual in my world as wealthy?

c. What do I touch almost every time simply because I am already this wealthy?

5. With these answers known, move on to sit relaxed and close your eyes to this outer world. You don’t deny this world; just admit to yourself that you are going into the only reality.

6. Now, feel as if when you closed your eyes, you have already become the wealthy one you defined.

7. Picture clearly what you’d see (4a) before you in that assumption. Then hear distinctly. Then touch vividly with your hands sensing the reality of this world within.

8. When you have maintained this sensation of already being rich to the point of acceptance, open your eyes to this outer world.

9. Let the feeling continue to be on you for being already rich.


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