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My elder brother was meant to travel to France to study in 2008 after we lost our dad. Then, it was like the best thing that could ever happen to any family when they send their child over seas to study. The entire family won’t mind selling their most valuable treasures and my family was not exempted.

Infact, all of my late father’s gratuity was utilised for this purpose. Though I was young, it seemed very promising. It wasn’t long before we heard that he got scammed by dubious travel agents and landed in Egypt. It was like a second mourning to the family and my elder brother didn’t want to become more trouble, he simply refused to return back home out of shame and guilt.

Fast forward to 2021, we suddenly didn’t hear from him, few weeks later we got the sad news that he was in jail for illegal stay and was going to be charged to court.

Since he left, I have been taking care of my mom and my younger brothers, so this news was gonna be devastating for my mom. We kept it away from her and started making plans to hire a lawyer. After paying over £1800 to the lawyer I felt all was taken care of, at least legally.

On the day of the court hearing, I did inner conversations for him and entered Sabbath. I totally forgot about it and carried on with my everyday activities.

At midday I was on transist when my phone rang, it was a lady friend of his. ” Anie, he got 1 year jail term, the lawyer didn’t hace much case” She went on to add ” Anie that prison is terrible. He won’t survive it”

My dear friends, I was destabilised instantly. I had to tell the driver to pull over so I can catch my breath. 3D lies set in completely. Fear, doubt, all sort of negative emotions. I was dampened in spirit.

Just while I was at it, I suddenly felt this nudge asking me ” who’s report do you believe “?

I instantly revised Umjuma’s call and heard her clearly telling me ” Anie, congratulations!! He is free and returning to Nigeria ” My dear friends, at that instant, I felt this unexplainable calmness and joy fill my heart.

I created scenes where I was hugging my elder brother and teasing him of how big we all have become since 2008 that he left.

That call was made December 26th 2021 and 1 year sentence was meant to start from that day. He returned back home on February 17th 2022. I just knew he would come back to me.

When he tells me what played out, I am not surprise. My friend and Coach Adelere Abiodun Adesina would say ” take it for granted Anita”. I was using my inner conversations on his behalf lovingly and It played out just as imagined.

It work!

Imagination Creates reality.

Anita Monye


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